KingdomVoices is the leading online marketplace to bridge the gap between qualified voice-over talent and churches or faith-based organizations and related companies. Churches and faith-based organizations are in constant need of quality voice-over talent but their budgets are rarely ever on a par with those of the standard business world. KingdomVoices allows professional voice talent to connect with these organizations to offer their services, and often do so at a reduced rate as a blessing to the organization.

Our Voice Talents are some of the top in the industry, plus they have a missional focus. While they make their living doing commercials, narrations, e-Learning and audiobooks, they also seek the opportunity to use their gifts to help further the Kingdom.

Voices Talents can become a member of KingdomVoices through a short application process and a yearly membership fee of $99. However, at this time, our roster is closed. As a member, Voice Talents will post their bio, abilities and skills, preferred types of projects, audio and video demos, headshot and contact information. All Voice Talents can be contacted freely by visitors of the site and every voice gets a level playing field as far as projects and viewers go.

In addition to their public bio page, Voice Talents on the site get exclusive access to our private projects page where users will submit their project and their project requirements to KingdomVoices. Projects will not be visible to non-members of the site.  All Voice Talents have equal opportunity to contact the client and/or bid on a posted project.

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Featured KingdomVoices Projects
  • Calvary Houston - The Vision

    Client Name: Calvary Houston

    This was one of the first projects listed on  KV talent Dave DeAndrea was selected to be the voice.